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How To Join Turning Point

Turning Point is a non for profit homeless shelter located in Angola, Indiana. If you, a family member, or a friend is in need of help, please complete the residence application by following the link below. Please complete the entire application and submit it using the the submission button within the application. 


Step 1.

Step 2.

Complete the entire residence application.

Step 3.

Submit your application.

If you prefer to mail a hard copy of your application to Turning Point, please mail your application to the following address:

Turning Point of Steuben County

600 Williams Street

Angola, IN 46703

Guidelines for Acceptance into Turning Point

  1.  6 Months Clean

  2.  Faith Based – Bible Study, Daily Devotions, and Church on Sundays

  3.  No Drug Tolerance Policy

  4.  Screen for mental health services that we cannot provide

  5.  Employment Fulltime (SSI – Time allowed)

  6.  Must be self-sufficient to maintain house chores commitments

  7.  No Felonies (Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, etc.)

  8.  Obtain Diploma or GED

  9.  Obtain Driver’s License (if applicable)

  10.  Reside until they can have independent living

  11.  Random Drug Testing

  12.  Attending all programs is a requirement

  13.  No relationships between residents or staff

  14.  Provide 3 emergency contacts

  15.  Residents will be unable to return to the program due to uncompletion

Our mission is to foster a secure and nurturing environment for individuals & families confronting life’s struggles. We seek to promote positive life changes physically & spiritually, to those wishing to rebuild and renew.

Turning Point Classes

Often we need to learn new life skills. Turning Point is a place to learn new skills to better our lives through Faith-based principles. Learning is the most powerful gift you can give yourself and one you can share to help those around you. Use this blessing to better your life and those you touch today!

Devotion & Bible Study

Daily devotion

Bible study classes every Wednesday

Money Management

Budgeting classes held by Key Bank

Key Bank will help you open up bank accounts

Achieving Your GED

The Impact Institute is used to achieve your GED

ACT: Raising Safe Kids

During this program parents and/or caregivers gain insight on:

Why Kids Misbehave
How to Model Positive Behavior
Manage Anger
How to Manage Positive Conflict Resolution
Age Appropriate Discipline
Effects of Media
How to Reduce Negative media Influences

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